Silverton increases assets under management in the real estate debt sector to EUR 630 million, plans to launch credit fund

Frankfurt, 18. Februar 2021 – The Silverton Group (Silverton), a specialist in investment and asset management of commercial property, property finance and loans secured on real estate, increased the assets under management in its loan management division to around EUR 630 million in the 2020 financial year.

Around 40% of this was accounted for by whole-loan financing, with mezzanine financing facilitated for domestic and international investors accounting for approximately 60%.

In the current financial year, the aim is for Silverton to expand the lending and credit servicing business. This will include increased concentration on providing structured solutions, to cater for the growing demand for the full range of loan financing, including debt advisory services, from potential borrowers. In this framework, it is planned to launch loan funds and to take on individual instructions from institutional and other investors. In the credit servicing area, amongst others, the Athens-based Silverton Servicing Solutions S.A., founded by the Silverton Group with local Greek partners, will contribute to the expansion of business activities.

Other key business areas in 2021 include origination, i.e. deal sourcing, underwriting and the continued granting of loans, credit risk analysis and management of loans for retained clients. Silverton, with its 30-strong team, covers not only commercial and technical asset management but also, with in-house specialists, the related loan management area. This enables Silverton to provide a fully integrated approach for investors - and added value for borrowers - in the implementation of their corresponding financing plans.

Felix Frankl, C.E.O. of Silverton Investment Management GmbH, on the expectations for 2021 said: “In view of the banks’ regulatory requirements, we anticipate that demand for commercial real estate finance from alternative lenders will increase significantly over the next three years."

Silverton has managed a credit volume of around EUR 18 bn in underwriting and credit analysis since it was founded in 2006. Loan management accounted for some EUR 4.5 bn of this.