Asset Management

SILVERTON Assetmanagement


Real Estate Asset Management

We are specialists in the management of all classes of property assets. We also have a particular focus on the management, value enhancement, and repositioning of commercial real estate and properties with value-added potential.

Commercial Real Estate

We focus on increasing property values by sustainably optimizing cash flow and realizing potential for rental income and costs. All our solutions and reporting requirements are developed and implemented individually for each client. Using a web application, our clients can view current activities and results at any time and thus enjoy full transparency and control over their investments.

Focus on Value Appreciation

We have particular expertise in the management and value enhancement of opportunistic properties, some of which are characterized by high vacancy rates and renovation backlogs. We offer turnaround solutions and optimize cash flow and property values through intensive property management, targeted leasing measures, cost management, creative marketing approaches, and repositioning.

Asset Management in numbers

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BaFin-regulated credit service provider

Primary & Special Loan Servicing

As an independent credit service provider regulated by the German authority BaFin, with a payment license pursuant to ZAG, we offer banks, international financial investors, and FinTech companies credit management services (primary servicing) and processing of non-performing financial operations (special servicing). We also support banks and processing institutions in all areas of operational and strategic portfolio and asset management.

Primary Loan Servicing

In primary servicing, we perform all credit administration tasks for our clients, including account management, receivables calculation, payment monitoring, interest rate adjustments, and reporting.

Special Loan Servicing

As a special servicer, we provide financial investors with active loan asset management for non-performing loan commitments and act as an outsourced special lending department for commercial banks.

Payment Services

Particularly in syndicated financings, we assume the role of payment agent and/or security trustee. In addition to calculating receivables, preparing settlements, and distributing interest and principal payments to the underwriters, we monitor the fulfillment of agreed covenants, collect annual financial statements, and send late payment reminders. If applicable, we may also give loan termination notice pursuant to the loan or bond agreement. In the process, we assume both the realization of any existing securities and the representation of the lenders in insolvency proceedings.

We are licensed by the German authority BaFin to act as payment agent. All participants are corporate clients, family offices or institutional investors. Since 2009, we have used proprietary software with a risk-based AML module to manage receivables and syndicated financial operations. This software is continually being enhanced and can be adapted any time to the individual needs of clients.


SAS holds a payment license from BaFin for assuming the function of the paying agent. All participants are corporate clients / family offices or institutional investors. Since 2009, Silverton has used proprietary software with a risk-based AML module to manage receivables and syndicated financial operations. This software is constantly being enhanced and can be individually adapted to the needs of clients at any time.

Risk Management

Credit Risk Management

We have extensive experience in credit risk analysis for single investments or portfolios of real estate financing, business loans, and structured financings/securities. Our independence allows us to conduct best practice analysis and due diligence. We provide the following services for our clients:

  • Credit risk analyses for counterparty risks, single transactions (e.g. structured finance/securitization) or portfolios
  • Outsourcing of all or part of the credit risk management function
  • Development of credit risk management processes including forms and reporting under MAK regulations
  • Establishment of credit policies

In addition, we support our clients in assessing balance sheet structures and developing strategy proposals for continued handling of non-performing exposures as well as the design and/or restructuring of covenants, hurdles (triggers) and other loan components.

Process and Control Management

We advise international financial institutions and companies on compliance with regulatory requirements regarding risk and control documentation according to HGB, IAS and U.S. GAAP. We support our clients in the conception and implementation of risk management and internal control systems, as well as in the preparation of documentation according to internationally recognized standards ISAE 3402 or SAS70.

Risk management means systematically and comprehensively addressing risks in a company with the aim of securing its future. For stock corporations, the term “risk management” has been an important topic since the Corporate Sector Supervision and Transparency Act (KonTraG) came into force in April 1998. This Act stipulates, for example, the extension of the liability of the management and supervisory boards, the assessment of possible risks, and the installation of a risk monitoring system. Within the risk management system (RMS), an organization’s opportunities and risks (strategy, organization, and processes) are continuously identified, evaluated and shaped.

Maritime Solutions

Our Group’s expertise is complemented by our Hamburg-based joint venture company Silverton Maritime Solutions GmbH, a team with many years of experience in the maritime industry. Silverton Maritime offers three types of services to investors seeking access to shipping and shipping companies.

1. Transaction Advisory

Ship Loan Portfolios

We assist investors in the selection, valuation and acquisition of ship loans. We take over loan management for ship financing, including loan servicing.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

We advise and support companies in M&A transactions using our extensive industry knowledge. We take over process management or provide support in areas such as the sourcing of strategic acquisitions, business plan modelling and commercial due diligence. We pay particular attention to post-merger support.

2. Compliance

Shipping companies face a large number of compliance issues due to their international orientation, many stakeholders, number of personnel, and use of external service providers. We provide advice and support in structural/organizational compliance issues, including the establishment and expansion of appropriate and effective compliance management systems.

We design and establish a culture of compliance together with the shipping company management. We provide work resources for outsourcing compliance tasks, such as risk analysis, employee training, or contractual partner due diligence.

3. Captive Insurance

Companies can gain considerable cost advantages by actively managing operating risks that require insurance by their own insurance company: so-called captive insurance. As the establishment of a captive insurance company is capital intensive and involves administrative challenges, the potential for cost advantages must first be proven by a thorough analysis of the insurance situation. We provide support in the preliminary analysis and the selection of the appropriate type and location of the captive insurance company as well as the parties involved.

For evaluation of the legal and tax aspects, we cooperate closely with our clients’ corresponding advisors or recommend well-known and competent law and tax consulting firms.